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Welcome to the home of
Gentle Touch™ Reflexology

Founded by Sue Ricks

The Techniques

Gentle Touch Reflexology is extremely light, effective & rewarding technique in reflexology. The Gentle Touch of Reflexology is wonderful for all ages and supports those looking for something really special.

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GTR Courses

Find out more about the small and dedicated courses offered by Sue Ricks in Gentle Touch Reflexology ranging from beginners to advanced reflexology applications.

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Find a practitioner

Find a licensed Gentle Touch Reflexology practitioner in your area. GTR licensed practitioners have demonstrated and achieved the high standard of knowledge and care to support you.

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The Gentle Touch Technqiue

There are some differences between the Gentle Touch of Reflexology™ and some other forms of Reflexology.

Gentle Touch Reflexology™ uses the following to enhance the benefits, experience and results of this therapy:

  • The lightness of touch
  • The incorporation of massage into the treatment
  • The use of oil (as opposed to talcum powder for example)
  • Using the way the body actually works when treating the client
  • Using the skill of the Practitioner to pick up information, rather than requiring the client to express or show pain/discomfort before being able to assess where the problem lies. (The Practitioner is a constant, whereas the clients’ pain perception can vary).
  • It is a very soothing and effective foot massage that assists clients emotionally, physically and with their energy levels.

The emphasis with the use of this Technique is in high standards of training. This is especially important. The Gentle Touch™ Technique of Reflexology training courses are intensive and thorough, and give students and Practitioners an extensive and wide range of knowledge.

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The Benefits of Gentle Touch Reflexology

There are potentially no limits to the effectiveness of treatments, however we must stress that no promises are ever made to “cure” a condition. Experience has shown that some startling results can be achieved. A very large percentage of clients report back that they have gained benefits from having had Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology treatments.

It is superbly enjoyable and effective treatment option in Reflexology. The reason why it is so effective is that Gentle Touch Reflexology involves offering this delightful technique to help improve your mood and provide deep relaxation.

Gentle Touch Reflexology is very special as it is an immensely gentle and loving touch that accesses you in an incredibly supportive way.

Some of the benefits reported by clients include:-

  • Increased sense of well being
  • The benefits of mind & body
  • Being relaxed & calm
  • More positive approach & outlook
  • Rebalancing & grounding
  • Feeling rested & refreshed
  • Improved sleeping
  • Increased desire to smile!

In addition, many find that this technique can help them in how they feel about themselves and their lives. They report feeling greater self-confidence and inner peace.

It is perfect for:-
Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology works to support you in every way. It may aid you in a multitude of ways varying from giving you extra confidence and ability to stay calm and relaxed and all the benefits that this brings to your mind & body.

  • Anyone who would like to have more joint or inner comfort and flexibility.
  • Those who are experiencing discomfort and wish to help themselves.
  • Anyone with poor health in general.
  • Someone suffering from feeling low or have low energy levels.
  • And so much more.

Interested in learning how to use this fantastic technique on friends, family or clients? Gentle Touch Reflexology courses are perfect for:-

  • Anyone who as experiensed and learned a more pressured technique and want to use a light approach
  • Those who find offering reflexology now hurts or tires them
  • Anyone
  • Someone
  • And so much more.
  • Research
    Research is currently being undertaken by Sue Ricks to determine the effectiveness of Reflexology. She has the tremendous opportunity to collate information from her current clients spanning a variety of age groups as well as working with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital & the Good Samaritan Hospital to collaborate research from children in care & from neo natal care units (NICU’s). Sue Ricks was part of a research programme that was been undertaken in the Prince of Wales  Hospital and the Cardiff Royal Infirmary.

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      If you would like to learn more about please take a look at the courses in Gentle Touch Reflexology and courses that incorporate Gentle Touch Reflexology run by Sue Ricks

    History of Gentle Touch Reflexology

    History of Reflexology

    The Gentle Touch™ Technique is a gentle, subtle and refined adaptation of an age-old practice of Reflexology. The whole approach of the Technique is designed to enhance the client’s own healing ability by using a very soothing massage. Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is slightly different to “standard Reflexology” as it uses a unique and specifically applied lightness of touch with all the benefits of reflexology and more.

    History of Reflexology - Sue RicksReflexology, in its traditional form, dates back to the times of all the ancient cultures, including the ancient Egyptians, North American Indians and Chinese. It was reintroduced in the 1900′s when Dr. William Fitzgerald, (an American ear, nose and throat surgeon) discovered that pressure applied to one part of the body (foot) could affect another area and produce a significant reduction in pain. This discovery was further developed with the use of extremely hard pressure applied to the hands or feet to obtain relief from pain.

    The method was expanded a few years later by Eunice Ingham, who devised the basic reflexology map of the body, which is still the basis for techniques used today.

    The extensive use of the Gentle Touch™ Technique has shown that its subtle application has extremely effective results. Over the years it has become increasingly obvious that the effectiveness of the gentle technique is in the essential nature of the subtle approach. The more gentle the application, the more powerful the technique becomes.

    The name Gentle Touch was created by Sue Ricks in 1994 to allow the public to distinguish the type of technique that it is. The descriptive term has been used to describe the combination of techniques that have grown and developed into Gentle Touch Reflexology as taught by Sue Ricks. There are now numerous practitioners who can be found all over the country (and abroad). Together it is our intention to share the profound effect of this fabulous therapy with those who wish to receive it or learn it through the School.

    Traditionally reflexology had been taught as requiring a very firm pressure. This pressure suited some clients and practitioners, however a number of people were put off by the discomfort or pain. The name of Gentle Touch was chosen by Sue Ricks in an attempt to describe the experience of what this technique feels like. It was also her intention to help the general public know that there are a number of different ways in which reflexology is practised.

    Over the years Sue had heard many people say that they had been put off trying reflexology because they had heard that it hurt or perhaps they had tried it once and did not like the discomfort or experienced pain. She started teaching Gentle Touch Reflexology in 1993 with a passion to share the delights, potential and results of this profound therapy. Over the years the number of people now practising and learning has dramatically risen.

    Some practitioners that you can find via this site have trained in Gentle Touch Reflexology (GTR) from the start of their complementary career, whilst others have trained in other therapies and added GTR as they have progressed. There are also a growing number of people who have trained in other forms and methods of reflexology and found that their own body was affected by treating i.e. painful thumbs, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Many practitioners have found they can continue and do even more by using this technique.

    Those who are used to receiving Reflexology – the Gentle Touch, may recommend others to experience the benefits of the treatment and can now find others who do the same technique.

    Anyone who has trained with the Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies and practising GTR will be offering a high standard of care, knowledge and professionalism.

    Successful graduates of the Practitioner Diploma Course have a licence to use the name Gentle Touch Reflexology.

    Gentle Touch Reflexology is the trade mark of Sue Ricks.

    Sue Ricks

    Hi, my name is Sue Ricks and I am based in Loughborough, UK although I travel extensively. I am the founder of Gentle Touch Reflexology (GTR). My journey with GTR has been an incredibly special one and one that I could never have predicted when my mother first mentioned the word Reflexology to me.

    The term Gentle Touch Reflexology came to me as a result of witnessing others experience reflexology and not knowing what they would expect. Gentle Touch Reflexology is exactly what it says on the tin.

  • It’s gentle
  • It’s an appropriate touch
  • It is reflexology as we are working with accessing reflex points on peoples hand and feet
  • That is why I coined the term Gentle Touch Reflexology so that the public would have the option to choose a technique that they liked the sound of.

    I have been running my clinic offering Gentle Touch Reflexology since 1992 and teaching since 1993.

    Since the early days of learning of Gentle Touch Reflexology and energy medicine I’ve become more and more passionate about what is can do and what it can offer. I’ve seen years of results and witnessed some incredible experiences. I know very deeply that Gentle Touch Reflexology is incredible for some people and actually it’s an amazing for an incredibly wide range of people experiencing a huge range of conditions and of all ages too.

    I have travelled extensively and taught people in many countries what Gentle Touch Reflexology is all about, how it really works and the ethos about it. I have witnessed some very beautiful transformations as students begin to understand the depth, capacity and rational behind Gentle Touch Reflexology.

    As the years continue my depth of appreciation and gratitude to the powers of Gentle Touch Reflexology grows. I continue to be more in awe of what it can do and how magnificent it is for clients, students and practitioners a like.

    Gentle Touch Reflexology offers an amazing compassionate, loving and effective solution for many.

    With love and Blessing

    Sue x

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