Reflexology Courses in LoughboroughYour interest in reflexology courses in Loughborough can be satisfied at the Sue Ricks Clinic & School of Complementary Therapies.  Sue Ricks founded, operates and teaches at her clinic and guest teaches far and wide during lecture tours. In her books, she shares her experiences and that of others passionate about the healing arts. Sue Ricks’ list of qualifications and accomplishments is long and many which it should be for anyone attempting to teach others healing arts. Besides Reflexology, her qualifications include Feng Shui, Ear Candling, New Energy Vision, Electro Crystal Therapy and more. Memberships in the Association of Reflexologists, British Register of Complementary Practitioners and the Federation of Holistic Therapists lend support and further education.

Reflexology is the practice of applying gentle pressure to hands and feet in such a way that other parts of the body benefit. For students in Loughborough, reflexology courses teach the reflex areas on the hands and feet that connect and channel energy to other parts of the body. Knowing how and where to apply pressure removes blockages in those channels which in turn relieves pain, tension and promotes health in that area. Reflexology treatments are beneficial and soothing for most everyone and that includes the elderly and babies. It’s also very useful after surgery. Learning to perform the basics of Reflexology is well worth your time and effort when you can bring comfort to a loved one. We have people who use the techniques solely for personal family care. However, many in the medical profession take our courses to help those patients in their care.

When you complete reflexology courses in Loughborough you are equipped to help others manage stress, discomfort and pain. You bring a valuable gift to those you touch that may not be available to them from any other source. Contact Sue Ricks for more information about reflexology courses. You’ll find some or all the complementary therapies interesting and enlightening as well as reflexology. We will consult with you about the cost and time commitment required for our courses and you can meet the instructors. Most new students are led to us because they have experienced the benefits of reflexology first hand. Once a believer it’s hard not to share. We’ll show you the way.